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Business opportunities in Jordan

Global India Business Forum (GIBF) organized a webinar on Investment Opportunities in Jordan, on December 15, with Chamber of Commerce of Jordan and the Embassy of Jordan in India. Ambassador of Jordan to India H.E. Mr. Mohammad Alkayed and dignitaries, heads of various sectors were present for the webinar. Many businesspersons were also present. GIBF is supporting and trying to explore business opportunities for the MSME sector in different parts of the world. India-Jordan MSME sector can do wonders with the initiative taken by GIBF. Neel Kamal Anchan, India Coordinator of GIBF delivered the opening note and introduced the dignitaries
In the first session, Mr. Kholoud Saqqaf, Minister of Investment gave the welcome remarks. This was followed by the speech of H.E. Mr. Mohammad Alkayed, Ambassador of Jordan to India, speech of Dr. Jitendra Joshi - Founder and Global President of Global India Business Forum. He spoke about GIBFs initiatives and how these could help strengthen trade and cultural relations among the countries. This was followed by the speech of Mr. Micheal Nazal, Board Member of Jordanian Businessmen Association. Discussion on Investment opportunities in Jordan took place in the second session wherein there was presentation of opportunities by the Ministry of Investment. Investment Opportunities in the Information Technology Sector was presented by Nidal Bitar Chief Executive Officer ICT Association of Jordan. Investment Opportunities in the Mining Sector was presented by Ammar Bataineh Marketing and Sales Director of Arab Potash Company. Investment Opportunities in the Mining and Fertilizers Sector was presented by Mohammad Abu Hazeem – Director of mines and mining Jordan Phosphate Mines Company. Success story for Indian investment in Jordan was presented by Mr. Sanal Kumar Chairman and Managing Director of Classic Fashion Apparel Industry.
The last session was question and answer wherein the speakers and dignitaries replied to the queries of the audience satisfactorily.
Country Connect 2022 - Business opportunities in Jordan