India Latin America and Caribbean Country Business Conclave 2024

India Latin America and Caribbean Country Business Conclave 2024

The Latin America & Caribbean Countries Business Conclave, organized by the Global India Business Forum (GIBF) in Pune on March 2, 2024, witnessed the participation of over 250

Business leaders



from 12 countries. Former BJP national secretary, Mr.

Sunil Deodhar

, inaugurated the event and emphasized India's potential as an

Investment destination

, urging ambassadors to foster collaboration and create employment opportunities. The conclave highlighted

Investment opportunities

in various sectors across participating countries, including Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Uruguay, Cuba, Chile, Peru, and Guyana. Each country showcased its unique advantages such as

Strategic location


Skilled workforce


Political stability

, and

Investment incentives

. Furthermore, The Business Tycoons magazine launched a special edition dedicated to India-Latin American business relations, emphasizing the growing economic and diplomatic ties between India and the region. The magazine aims to serve as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and investors seeking to explore business opportunities in Latin America.

Outgoing Delegation to Ethiopia 2024

Outgoing Delegation to Ethiopia 2024


business delegation

to Ethiopia for the

Global India Business Forum

in February 2024 was a vibrant and impactful event, showcasing the strong ties between India and Ethiopia across various sectors. Led by the

Secretary General

, the delegation delved into opportunities in the

logistics sector

, forging connections with the

Ethiopian Investment Commission

to explore investment prospects,

foreign direct investment

avenues, and land acquisition strategies. The engagement with commissioners and board members highlighted the commitment to fostering collaboration and growth.
The delegation's exploration extended to Industrial Parks, with a keen interest in the pharmaceutical sector and pre-built factories, underscoring the Industrial Ministry's vision for economic development. Throughout the visit, delegates, alongside business leaders and the Indian ambassador, immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Ethiopian culture, experiencing the soulful rhythms of Gurage traditional dances and being captivated by the spiritual essence of Ethiopian Orthodox hymns. This convergence of business acumen and cultural appreciation epitomized the shared aspirations for prosperity and meaningful partnerships between India and Ethiopia.