Country Connect 2020

India Israel Infrastructure Summit

India and Israel: Indian Chamber of International Business (ICIB) had conducted an online summit on the Infrastructure sector called the ‘India-Israel Infrastructure Summit 2020’ in association with Global India Business Forum (GIBF). The webinar was hosted by Mr. Manpreet Singh, President, ICIB and Associate Secretary, GIBF. The panelists that were present at the webinar were Mr. Sagi Itcher, Head of Economic and Trade Consul, General Consulate of Israel in Mumbai, India, Mr. Samir Jaiswal, Deputy General Manager, NTPC, Mr. Mitesh Gala, Partner, Kanu Doshi Group, . Global India Business Forum acted as an event partner. Mr. Gala spoke about India and Israel’s longstanding friendship and partnership and also spoke about the purpose of the summit, which is to create or discover business opportunities in the Infrastructure industry for countries who want to invest in Israel and its infrastructure. Mr. Itcher spoke about helping Israeli businesses to export their products to different countries across the world and help them attract investments across the globe. He also shed light on an upcoming event called ‘TLV Contech and Proptech 2020', a virtual event focusing on Israeli tech and innovation that would help infrastructure and construction companies get the best-in-class technology to build and grow their businesses and customer bases.
Country Connect 2020 - India Israel Infrastructure Summit