Country Connect 2020

Business Opportunities in Palau

Global India Business Forum conducted a webinar on September 19, 2020 to discuss the business opportunities in Palau. Among the panelists present were, Dr. Jitendra Joshi, Global President, Global India Business Forum, Dr. Ashutosh Misal, Corporate HR Trainer and Host of the event, Mr. Neeraj Sharma, Honourary Consul General of the Republic of Palau to India and Mr. Manpreet Singh Nagi, President, Indian Chambers of International Business (ICIB). Mr. Neeraj Sharma shed light upon the top imports and exports of Palau. Mr. Sharma also said that Palau is the only country in the world to have zero COVID+ cases. He spoke about how having one of the lowest populations in the world has only helped the country in a positive manner. This country also has a very high per-capita income, which is higher than Philippines, and is close to $9000 p.a. which should bring the attention of MSMEs to this important fact. Some of the biggest sectors contributing to the country’s economy are tourism and the fishing industry as well. Another advantage that Palau enjoys is its geographical location as it is surrounded by islands and there is immense movement of population and goods between these islands. All of these factors act as strengths of the country and also have the ability to attractive high amount of business opportunities from other countries.
Country Connect 2020 - Business Opportunities in Palau