Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry: The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, (SGCCI) established in 1940, is the oldest Chamber in the State of Gujarat. It is the

apex body

representing the interest of

trade and industry

in the

south gujarat

region, with a membership base of over 11000 members comprising entrepreneurs,


, traders and professionals. The Chamber has over 150 Associations affiliated with it and through its members has a reach of over 200,000 indirect members. The South Gujarat region which is its

area of operation

is a

manufacturing hub

with more than 12

industrial zones

, 5

textile parks

and 4

Special Economic Zones

in its region. Surat is the

fastest growing city in the world

, the eighth largest city in India and with a contribution of over 11.5% to the

National GDP

, it is considered the

growth engine


financial capital

of the State of Gujarat. The


, with its

high reputation

in the Government, acts as a

link between

trade and industry

and the State and Central Governments.
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6th Floor Sanhati Building, SIECC Campus, nr. Khajod, Crossing, Sarsana, Surat, Gujarat 395007